Hindu Skunk Marijuana Live Resin

$20.00Per Gram

  • Indica Dominant Hybrid    70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy
  • May Relieve: Anxiety, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, and Stress.
  • Flavors: Skunky, Sweet, Tropical
  • Aromas: Fruity, Skunky, Sweet


Hindu Skunk Marijuana Live Resin

Buy Hindu Skunk Marijuana Live Resin. This is a hybrid with a 30:70 sativa/indica ratio. It is a cross between Skunk and the Hindu Kush, which explains why it creates an amazing 22% THC level that will keep you coming back for more. The buds are green in color and covered by trichomes with a tan hue. Even though it has a skunky smell to it, it has a nice aroma with a hint of fruit. As for the taste, it is exquisite and smooth during the inhale. It tastes fruity and is quite potent with heavy smoke while you exhale.

Marijuana Hindu Skunk is perfect for first-time users. The high will not send you through the roof, but is quite relaxing. The strain is a good body and cerebral mix and is perfect for daytime use. However, it is ill-advised to smoke it before you sleep. Not only will you feel restless but you will feel hungry at the same time. The strain can be used by individuals suffering from anorexia or eating disorders. But that is not all, as it is just as effective at relieving stress and anxiety which makes it a useful strain with very few drawbacks.