Maui Wowie Marijuana Crumble

$15.00Per Gram

  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid    80% Sativa / 20% Indica
  • Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting
  • May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress
  • Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Pineapple, Sweet
  • Aromas: Citrus, Earthy, Fruity, Sweet


Maui Wowie Marijuana Crumble

Buy Maui Wowie Marijuana Crumble, also known as Maui Waui. This sativa-dominant strain is primarily found and cultivated in the Hawaiian Islands. Its buds are adorned with delightful crystals, giving it an enticing appearance for both patients and cannabis enthusiasts. In terms of aroma, you’ll detect hints of pine, citrus, and lavender. The taste is reminiscent of fresh hash. This strain delivers a high-end euphoria with pineapple flavors that transport your mind to creative realms.

Maui Wowie‘s effects are perfect for staying active throughout the day, making it an excellent choice for morning and daytime consumption. The high sets it apart, leaving your body in a buzzing and upbeat state. It also enhances focus and concentration without inducing any strange or uncomfortable sensations commonly associated with other cannabis strains. Maui Wowie is highly effective in addressing various medical conditions, including stress, chronic pain, and depression. With this in mind, it’s clear that this strain will leave you feeling relaxed and energized, regardless of how challenging your day may have been.