Pink Rockstar Weed Strain Armidale

$8.00Per Gram

THC: 24 – 26%

Pink Rockstar Weed Strain Armidale is the result of crossing strains Pink Kush with Rockstar OG Kush. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid, comprising about 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.


Pink Rockstar Weed Strain Armidale

Buy Pink Rockstar Weed Strain Armidale. This is the result of crossing strains Pink Kush with Rockstar OG Kush. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid, comprising about 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Pink Rockstar feels nothing like it sounds! Familiar with the energy that goes around when a Rockstar hits the stage? You can’t help but get lost in some crazy headbanging and heavy dancing. Well, that’s not going to happen when you smoke this joint! If that’s what you’re looking for, we say, move forward and look for another. However, if what you need is hours of uninterrupted calmness and relaxation, where stress and worries are kept at bay, then this strain is yours to take!

Named for its stunning appearance, this popular strain is a hit among Indica lovers, both medical and recreational cannabis users. Thanks to its body-calming effects, that is not overwhelmingly sedative!


As you break open your Pink Rockstar nuggets, you’ll be greeted with the aromas of spicy flowers and fresh wood. The initial smell may feature subtle sweet notes as well. But as you burn the nugs, the aroma turns more pungent, bringing about a spicy diesel overtone.


Flavor-wise, the Pink Rockstar strain is on the lighter side as compared to its pungent aroma. It has a spicy, flowery flavor highlighted by earthy and woody notes. Some users also report a berry-like sweet taste, owing to the genetic make-up of both parents!


Pink Rockstar shines through in its appearance, with dense and minty green nugs accented by bright pink undertones. It produces medium-sized buds with large calyxes. It also has an abundance of white crystal trichomes that give the weed a nice snowy appearance. Finally, it features vibrant, orange hairs throughout.

Pink Rockstar Strain Effects

Many cannabis connoisseurs and experts will recommend Pink Rockstar for evening or nighttime use, and rightly so! With an average THC content of 25% and a dominant Indica composition, this strain will offer a buzz that’ll relax you to the very core. The high will affect both your body and mind, sending a soothing vibration of relaxation from head to toe. And the best part? It relaxes you without any heavy sedative effects. Of course, taking a couple of extra puffs will induce feelings of sleepiness and may end up leading you to your couch. But all in all, using the Pink Rockstar strain offers a very pleasant experience that’s easy on the head as well as the body. It is for this very reason that it’s a hit among both experienced and rookie cannabis enthusiasts!

Due to its calming buzz, medical cannabis patients can highly benefit from this strain. It can be used for treating chronic stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and PTSD.

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