Purple Haze Hybrid Cannabis Strain Sydney

$8.00Per Gram

TYPE: Hybrid  THC: 18-23%  GRADE: AAAA

Purple Haze Hybrid Cannabis Strain Sydney. The creative, energetic, extremely cerebral effect makes purple haze the ideal strain for daytime smokers. With an 85/15 sativa/indica percentage and THC levels between 14 and 23%, not only do these purple-hair-nuggets keep you going like the energizer bunny but they can also relieve depression, stress, pain, and anxiety. And guess what? The strains have only gotten better since the 70’s!


Purple Haze Hybrid Cannabis Strain Sydney

Purple Haze Hybrid Cannabis Strain Sydney, is said to be far less potent than the soapy-grape-dank tasting buds of today, because of the increase in knowledge and decrease in imports. Innovators were able to massively increase potency. Though it is said no purple haze hybrid weed of the Hendrix era remains; purple haze strains have been mixed with other potent strains such as Kush, creating an all-new experience altogether! Strictly Purple Haze strains typically remain about 95% authentic but still more potent in THC compared to its 1970s cousin.

How do you make purple haze weed? Ideally, you would start with a purple haze seed(which chemistry has diluted over time). What makes the purple buds you see are anthocyanins; anthocyanins are water pigments that, depending on their PH level, can be red, purple, or blue. To get this desired look you must lower the temperature during the flowering night cycle to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A couple of weeks before harvesting you will start to notice the purple flowers. But beware! Purple Haze weed is a sativa-based strain and responds naturally to light intensity; less frequent feedings may help you harvest the ultimate psychedelic wonder!

The marijuana industry has drastically changed since the 1970s and with it more potent varieties. Nevertheless, the purple haze weed strain will be in the top 25 strains for years to come. There is simply no way to party like Jimmy Hendrix without kissing these purple-haired trichomes and touching the sky! The benefits of purple haze weed far out way the cons(dry mouth, red eyes, and severe hunger to be exact!). And is suggested best with cheese, red wine, chocolate cake, or similar desserts.

If you are a writer, artist, visionary, or simply require a little inspiration purple haze weed would be best suited for you. Its distinct look, smell, and features make it one of the most beautiful marijuana plants. And it can be assured to you it’s not extinct! The rising popularity of mixing strains and creating new wonders has just diverted growers into doing what’s popular!